Survivors of PMDD, their families, and in some cases their health care providers welcomed news this week that research has revealed possible mechanisms behind the disorder. It is my hope that this research will encourage even more investigation into the hows and whys of PMDD, so that more effective non surgical treatments may someday be available to women who want to live a life unfettered by the agony produced by a maladaptive reaction to hormones.

While this research vindicates the subjective reports of those afflicted by PMDD, we still have work to do. This information must be distributed so that understanding of PMDD grows. Once broader society and the medical community reach a point of greater understanding, it will be more likely that women with PMDD will be taken seriously.

PMDD is a serious medical concern that merits serious medical treatment. Now we have research on our side.



Twilah H is a recovering patient. She studied Philosophy with a concentration in ethics at the University of Kansas. Through writing, meditation, relationship building, and quilt creation she has found a place of peace.

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