Hello awesome readers! I’ve got a question for you. What content do you want to see most from me?

I’ve come to a point where I have to monetize this blog, so I want your input on what you’d be willing to subsidize. To be clear, I’m never going to have paid only blog content, but I am going to ask that people who can afford to be patrons of my writing so that everyone can continue to benefit.

Here are some pieces I have in the works:

Should We Blame the Mast Cells? Premenstrual Dysphoric disorder

Should We Blame the Mast Cells? Functional Neurological disorder

Should We Blame the Mast Cells? Autism

What exactly is Autism? Is it time to break up the spectrum into different diagnoses?

Is Autism’s inclusion in the DSM problematic?

Why is oral communication difficult for some autistics? What’s happening in my mind when I can’t speak?

A Discussion of RCCX Theory.

In addition to these specific pieces, I plan on documenting my journey in healing from my neuropsychiatric injury. I was going to let you watch my response as a human guinea pig to a wide variety of treatments including luteolin and chlorella.

I’d also like to write more Tips for Patients, like how to deal with challenging healthcare staff and how to combat diagnostic overshadowing.

With sponsorship, I think I could increase my output to one or two posts a week, barring slowdowns during flares. I’d been dividing my flare-free time between writing and honing other skills that might bring in income for me to well—write more. That strategy isn’t working. If I only have 20 or 30 good brain hours a week, it’s best that I focus them in a single direction.

So please, tell me what you want to see. What unique perspectives do I bring to the blogosphere that you love and want more of? What haven’t I discussed yet that you’d like my take on? Thanks for reading. I love the feedback I get from you all and I want to offer more of what you find helpful. I look forward to hearing from you.




Twilah H is a recovering patient. She studied Philosophy with a concentration in ethics at the University of Kansas. Through writing, meditation, relationship building, and quilt creation she has found a place of peace.

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