Childproof tops of many prescription bottle of medication

My Thoughts on World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day

July 11th is World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day. For me, this is a reminder that medicine is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. During the years I struggled with Premenstrual Dysphoric disorder and anxiety from undiagnosed autism, I had benzos handed to me like candy. Not like candy from a friend who wants to share, but more like […]

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Open book with light shining down and bright stars sprinkled in air.

Excerpt from My Memoir, The Big Book of Unicorn Breed Descriptions

Many of you have reached out and asked what medical treatments in 2014 led to the brain changes I experienced. I’ve written a book-length memoir about my experiences that has not yet been published. This is an excerpt from my manuscript. It portrays one scene from a series of chemically induced brain changes I survived three […]

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The word lies in a dictionary, highlighted in pink.

The Notion of Historical Neurodiversity Hurts Autistics

I’m no stranger to lies and conditional acceptance. As a child, my mother insisted my brown skin was white like hers. When I asked her why I saw a brown face in the mirror, she spun stunning tales of a Cherokee grandfather and a mysterious group of forebears called the Black Irish. Thirty some years […]

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Illustration of a light brown human head. The top of the head is open and reveals a maze. A skeleton key is approaching the left side of the head, where an illuminated keyhole shines.

The Power of Patience and Openness

A great trap of the human ego is to substitute ignorance and overconfidence for an opportunity to learn. I’ve watched people fall into this trap when I try to engage with them, and I’ve seen myself fall into the trap as well. One afternoon I was in a crowded store. I pushed my earplugs deeper […]

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Black woman with curly hair covering ears with her hands, over a green background

My Top 7 Ear Protection Favorites for Sound Sensitivity

I’ve had a few folks reach out and ask me what kind of ear protection I prefer, so I thought I’d write a blog about it. My relationship with sound is complicated. Certain high pitched sounds actually cause me pain. Any sound disrupts my concentration, but long periods of exposure to any sound, or short periods […]

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Dark chalkboard with healthy living written in green chalk in the middle and other words associated with healthy living the central words.

Why Are So Many Disabled People Offended by Good Advice?

Another fatalistic post about chronic illness and disability is circulating. I’ve seen different manifestations of this attitude elsewhere and I’ve always been a bit confused about the level of defensiveness behind sentiments like this. Here it is: I’ve been ill for a long time. When I gained weight in 2006, premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) […]

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Why I Resigned From The Mighty

  I was in a car, on my way to a work retreat for my new job at The Mighty, a popular mental health and disability blog site. The driver, a woman from Fresno who blogs about her life with a vascular birthmark, explained that she didn’t care for driving in Los Angeles. She turned to […]

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The Pro-Choice Argument I Never Want to Hear Again

  Last month women marched in Washington DC; in part to maintain their legal right to decide whether people like me should exist. I will say up front that I think abortion should remain legal in the United States. I know that when it has been made illegal elsewhere, more human beings die. I think […]

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Research Uncovers Possible Mechanisms behind PMDD

Survivors of PMDD, their families, and in some cases their health care providers welcomed news this week that research has revealed possible mechanisms behind the disorder. It is my hope that this research will encourage even more investigation into the hows and whys of PMDD, so that more effective non surgical treatments may someday be […]

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Clarification regarding my PMDD-free post

I’m offering this post to clear up some misunderstandings related to my 2 Years PMDD-free post. I understand that the words I chose may have facilitated the misinterpretations that some people had of the piece. My first priority is to advocate for more research into PMDD. I would very much like for non-surgical treatments or […]

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